‘(sound effect) sklupssfffxx’ 2019
General purpose resin, EasyFlow 60 resin, wood, acrylic paint. A test piece for 'ruby limbs'.
45 x 11 x 20 cm
'crunch' (2020)
polymer clay, mix of resin teeth and baby teeth.

'untitled' (2018)
A reupholstered chair, showing the process and the workings in the back.
92 x 72 x 65 cm
'does my skin make you ... uncomfortable?' (2018)
Two different latex skin suits displayed in a black room. Has been shown and restaged 3 times, including being shown in two galleries (Surface Gallery and Twitchel)
'pink puddle' (2019)
A candle of  my head, using casting and sculpting techniques to create a piece that will melt down, leaving a pink puddle.
'oh so tacky' (2019)
A silicone arm, and a broken (reupholstered vintage) stool. Exploring the uncanny, human body and flesh.
(arm) 48 x 15 x 8 cm
(1/2 stool) 43 x 28 x 37 cm

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