Surface Show, theme of Arcadia.
Image shown, a plaster head, that I cast and manipulated with plaster, soil and sawdust.
Arcadia, the perfect world was displayed within a living tent, filled with beauty and a utopian film, gestures with primal strokes and raw mentality the tent was surrounded by real life distortions.
We wanted to identify the meaning of Arcadia through exploring our own expansive reality, to understand our positions in the current society. Prying on our own mental fragility, and rejecting social norms in a constant search for our own perfect form of Arcadia. In a constant battle with the chaos of reality that diminishes the growth in our paths and ability to thrive in our own environments, filling the space with sculptures including the living tent, mannequins and handmade limbs, as well as an interactive garden with soil all around and a living, growing chair.

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